Our infant program is designed for children 6 to 18 months of age. We offer care in our infant area where there is a dedicated play space and nap room. Staff members have regular in-service training on infant care and work with the children daily on touch, balance, self-movement and their life-sense. Ample time is provided for floor-play.  Infants are immersed in a calm nurturing environment. As the infants approach 18 months, they make visits to the toddler program in order to get to know the children and educators. That will ensure that the transition will go smoothly and according the child’s ability to cope with more stimulation.



These early years are critical for healthy development of the child. We take great care that the toddler is in an environment that is home-like with a care-giver who is nurturing. Through our daily, weekly and seasonal rhythm, the child will feel secure and form a close bond with the care-giver. As in our other programs, there is an emphasis on the experience and exploration of the natural world. At certain times, this group may be mixed age, giving the toddler the experience of having ‘siblings’ to interact with and imitate, as in any family setting. This program is geared toward helping the child find his/her way to connect with others in a social setting and to have a gentle transition into the routines of the kindergarten


PRESCHOOL (2 ½ years old)

Young children, filled with wonder and curiosity, see beauty and purpose in everything. The teacher’s role in this program is to foster this sense by creating an environment that is beautiful and natural, and an atmosphere that permits exploration of the natural world. Children will make independent discoveries through their experiences of this world and use these discoveries in their own creative play.

The children in this multi-age group learn from their parents, each other, their teachers and the world around them by first seeing and then by imitating what they see. It is necessary at this age to provide them with as many experiences as possible, such as singing, dancing, creating music, puppet shows, crafts, baking, gardening, painting, beeswax modeling, creative movement, and dramatic play. In addition, time for free play, indoors and outdoors is essential as children need time to assimilate and synthesize what they have observed around them. The foundation for later learning is laid through imitative play, a key element. For this reason, reading and arithmetic are not introduced in this program.



Depending on availability of space, children may join the daycare/kindergarten group for ½ day only, purely for the purpose of socialization. Children need not be completely toilet trained to be in this program. It is recommended that children attend from 8:30 – 11:30 so that they maximize their experience (free play, circle, snack, outside play and story).



The Before and After School Programs provide care for your child for the transition time between home and school but they are far more than that. After school there is a snack and a sharing time to connect with friends they have not seen all day, time for a creative activity such as sewing, baking, arts and crafts and time for free play which is a relief for children after the intensity of intellectual activity at school. Outdoor play and exploration of the natural world is always part of this experience.