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Little Lions welcomes any parent or family member who has something to offer the programs...baking, cultural activities, music, give me a call if there's anything you might like to share. I appreciate feedback from families. Please feel free to stop by the office or call me with any questions, suggestions or concerns. 

A Note From the Office:


  • If you are on a flex schedule please be sure to hand your schedule for the following month in by the 15th of every month.
  • Two weeks notice is required for booking days off
Wishing our Claude Community a safe and happy summer!



 Infant Program

The infant program for the month of July was a bit quieter then usual. Many of our families have been taking vacation and some of the infants have transitioned into Toddler. The during the times spent at our program over the summer, we have enjoyed many walks to Boulevard Lake wiht the Toddler program. The infants have loved seeing many animals along the way, especially dogs.

In our rom, we have been singing many different songs and and learning the actions that accompanied them. There favourite seems to be the baby bumble bee song.

We also enjoyed the sensory experiences associated with blowing bubbles and are learning how to blow bubbles themselves.

For the month of August, we are excited to see a few more of our infant friends transition into Toddler and we will be spending lots of time with them before hand to help get comfortable with the change. We will also be spending as much time as possible outside enjoying hopefully beautiful weather!

-Monica & Breanne

Toddler Program 


This month we enjoyed lots of outdoor activity: walking to Boulevard Lake and exploring nature. The children loved going for morning walks each day and finding something new on our walks, whether it be dogs, airplanes, helicopters, pine cones, smelling flowers and walking people on kayaks go by on the water- there was always lots to see. 

Inside we worked on learning our colours at circle time with Ms. Melissa. As well as lots of felt stories and songs. This month the children loved singing “Slippery Fish” and “Fire truck”. 

Ms. Taneshia enjoyed planting seeds with the children and having them help each day by watering the plants and talking about the growth of plants and what they need to properly grow. 

As the month came to a close, we said Goodbye to some toddlers leaving us for Preschool. Good luck in your transition, we will miss you. 

We also welcomed a couple infants who are moving up to our room this month, we are looking forward to getting to know you and your families and helping you grow. 

-Taneshia & Melissa

Preschool Program

 This month was more on the quiet side of things for the preschool program. Most of our friends who are starting school in September have moved on to the nex chapter of their Little Lions story and have moved to kindergarten.

The children's interest this month have also evolved very much. The children have shown us that they are interested in animals and role playing as well (sometimes these interests are combined as well). 

Their love of animals has been fostered this month through many different avenues but mostly through our nature walks. The children have enjoyed walks to the lake and Centennial Park.There they got to visit turtles, ducks, a baby cow, pigs, a goat, a sheep, chickens, a deer and many other types of birds. The children spend time looking at many books in our program the include animals, especially our 'Over in the Meadow Book' which they have taken an interest in because it provides some background information on all of the animals involved as well as tell a nice story (ex. Over in the meadow in a cozy wee den lived an old mother bear and her little bears ten, provides the background information to the children about the bears habitat being a den)The children will also take their interest of animals into their play where they will pretend to be puppies or kitties. They care for each other being pets during their dramatic play experiences as well.

Dramatic play has been a large part of the children's day. It can be seen through all aspects of their day, whether inside or out. Inside the children enjoy spending time in the kitchen are and cooking with 'spices' to make 'dinner' and 'snacks' for everyone in the program. They also ensure that they have aprons, dresses or any other appropriate attire for their delicious meal. The continue their 'cooking' with the blocks and dominoes and having them be delicious brownies or cookies. 'Making food' can also been seen in their outside play, where they make 'cakes' and throw birthday parties, make 'cookies' and even hot foods like 'tea', 'coffee' and 'soup'.

We will continue to foster the chidren's interests through visiting and learning about more animals. Also we will support their dramatic play and 'cooking' experiences through more in program cooking opportunities.

Our story for the first part of summer has been 'The Three Little Pigs' and will soon be transitioning to 'The Three Billy Goats Gruff'

- Olivia & Nancy

Kindergarten Program

This month the kindergarten program has enjoyed spending lots of time outside exploring the areas around the daycare. So far we have gone to Centennial Park, Boulevard Lake and the forest areas. On our adventures we've seen many animals. At Boulevard we saw ducks, turtles and many birds with their nests. On our adventure to Centennial, we got to see the baby cow they have, pigs, goats and chickens. The children enjoyed seeing the animals and have become very interested in all our animal books we have in our program. During our times at the centre we have been digging in the sandbox, helping water the flowers and been enjoying all the sunny hot days. The children have also been very involved in their dramatic play, using dress-up costumes and wooden peopleto create stories with one another. We've also been focusing on our fine motor skills by doing puzzles, lacing activities and using scissors to cut shapes and patterns into the kites we've been creating. For the remainder of the summer we look forward to more adventures and creating projects during our inside times. The children are also becoming very excited for school to start in September


School Age Program

We've been blessed with some beautiful weather this month! The school age program has enjoyed walks to Boulevard Lake, the forest and even Centennial Park. Our friends love searching for and collecting items in nature.

Each Thursday since the summer began, we've had the privilege to go to Tapiola for the day! While we're there, we get to enjoy interacting with the rannits and chickens, swimming and catching water creatures. Crayfish are one of our favourites! Our days are filled with nature and fun, what could be better?

We hope the nice, sunny weater sticks around for the monthn of August because we have lots more fun activities to come!

Note: Try to make sure children are coming with extra clothing as we will be doing some water activities in the coming weeks.

-Kim & Danielle