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Reflections of our Playrooms


Infant Program (Educators: Justine and Breanne)

The infants have been enjoying the summer and engaging in the many wonderful activities that summer offers! We have been on many nature walks to Boulevard, and have enjoyed water play and blowing and popping bubbles outside. img_2817We have also been drawing with the chalk and digging in the sand. We are very much looking forward the the fire truck visit and hope to have some picnics and may a trip to the spash pad!


Toddler Program (Educators: Kassidy and Nancy)img_3020

 The toddler program has been enjoying the beautiful weather this summer by going on many nature walks, having picnics and also just enjoying spending time outdoors. Activities such as making sand castles, observing ants and splashing in puddles has been enjoyed along with many sensory activities such as: rice and water play, playdough and painting.


We look forward to more outdoor adventures, a fire truck visit and a special field trip to the splash pad.


Preschool Program (Educators: Olivia and Taneshia) 

The preschool program kicked off our summer programming by beginning summer with our fairy festival to celebrate the fairies and gnomes and the approaching warm weather. We heard a story the fairies left for us, picnicked in the forest, watercolour painted under the trees and made fairy dust. While we went on a search for fairy and gnome homes the fairies visited and sprinkled fairy dust on our paintings that dried in the trees.


So far this summer we have gone on a few walks either in the forest to Boulevard Lake or around the neighbourhood. Our time has also been spent working in our flower gardens and learning how to care for our beautiful plants and also playing in the sand and making sand castles and other creations.



As for the rest of the summer, we look forward to hopefully a few field trips to either the splash pad, Centennial Park or even Boulevard Lake for a picnic. We also look forward to our excursion to the Karnival on the Kam, our fire pumper visit and we are thrilled to see we're the interests of the children take us. We hope our families are having a fabulous summer!


Kindergarten Program (Educator: Mackenzie) and School Age Program (Educators: Sarah, Faith and April)

This summer, the Kindergarten and School-Age programs are spent as much time as possible outside enjoying the beautiful weather. We have taken trips to Boulevard Lake, Current River Park and Tapolia to connect with nature. The children have put on musical concerts, built structures out of branches and gone on nature scavenger hunts. The students have displayed much interest in science and craft activities such as making street chalk, volcanoes, kites, play-dough, slime, crystals and even bouncy balls. There are many things we are looking forward to this summer such as our trip to Karnival On The Kam, weekly visits to Tapolia, and the production of our own play. We are very excited for what this summer has in store and we are glad to be sharing it with you.