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Reflections of our Playrooms


Infant Program (Educators: Adrienne & Justine)

This month we would like to welcome Keelan to the infant program.

We are so excited to see the snow has arrived! Some of the infants are unsure what to do with the snow while others are enjoying exploring. We were lucky to get out for a few walks this month to the forest to play in the field and around the trees.

We spent some time creating new seasonal art pieces for our room. Each infant painted with blue and purple water colour paints.

With the changing season we are excited to add new displays to the room. The infants enjoy listening to new finger plays and short stories.

Everyone in the infant program is practicing their walking and climbing skills. The infants really like to climb peek-a-boo box and stairs to see the world from a higher point of view.

We are looking forward to enjoying more snowy days and creating more fun sensory activities within our program.


Toddler Program (Educators: Taylar & Andrea)



Preschool Program (Educators: Robin, Olivia & Taneshia) 


Kindergarten Program (Educator: Taneshia)


School Age Program (Educators: April, Lundi, and Sarah)

This month in the preschool program the preschool children have been very interested in caring for others and the environment as a whole. This has been observed through the children taking pride in caring for the dolls and peers through house play. They also have enjoyed assisting in certain tidying tasks such as bringing items to the laundry basket, putting laundry into the washer or transferring to the dryer, and washing and setting the tables ( just to name a few).

Also the children have enjoyed creating through artistic expressions (such as painting, collaging,  drawing, or sculpting), building with a multitude of tools ( several different types of block, sand, snow, shovels and even pillows) and also through storytelling ( they not only have been reenacting stories or songs they hear educators telling through the day but they also tell real-life happenings in their worlds and also use imaginative play to create their own.

The story that was the main focus this month became a big undertaking for our program. We told the story of "Good Martin" and we worked hard to have it be told as a play daily with different children receiving the opportunity to play the different parts. On the night of the lantern walk we had our big performance for the daycare families. The night of the performance our actors were Madison and Gracie as angels, Sophie as the beggar and Jamison as Good Martin. All of the children enjoyed the whole process of creating "Good Martin" and it was certainly a highlight of the month. Toward the end of the month we also began telling our holiday story " There is always room for a little one here" and preparing for advent. The popular songs this month were our lantern songs (" My lantern, my lantern" , " This little light of mine" , "I go with my little lantern", " Fires burning" and "Twinkle Twinkle"), " November comes", " Little Jackie Jack Frost" and " Oh where do you come from?".

We welcomed Aria and Arleigh to our program this month and look forward to welcoming Niko in December.

We look forward to seeing where the interests of the children grow throughout December and supporting them in there current interest through providing new materials to help care for the environment and also to add on the joy of building with new supplies as well. In December we await the arrive of St. Nicolas on December 5, look forward to our yummy Christmas dinner on December 6 and counting the days until the highly anticipated family time.

Just a reminder we do go outside in all types of weather. We ask that children be prepared ( with maybe a few back ups) for whatever the winter wonderland has in store for us.

Olivia, Robin and Taneshia would like to wish all the preschool families a very safe and happy holiday season. We look forward to starting the New Year off with you on January 9th.


Last updated: Nov. 25/16