Welcome to Little Lions- Claude E. Garton School

Our Programs


Little Lions welcomes any parent or family member who has something to offer the programs...baking, cultural activities, music, give me a call if there's anything you might like to share. I appreciate feedback from families. Please feel free to stop by the office or call me with any questions, suggestions or concerns. 

A Note From the Office:


  • If you are on a flex schedule please be sure to hand your schedule for the following month in by the 15th of every month.
  • Two weeks notice is required for booking days off

On the Horizon...



  • 8th- Closed for Thanksgiving
  • 16th- ECE and Childcare Workers Appreciation Day
  • 25th-Annual Two Bit Auction
    tickets are $5 each and sell out fast, donations are welcome and appreciated. Money raised goes back to our programming
  • 26th- Full day Programs Closed
    Before and After School Programs will be running as usual
  • 30th- Enchanted Garden
    this fun-filled event is how we celebrate Halloween. Sign Up is ahead of time on program doors. Come at your timeslot dressed in costumes (event is outside, weather permitting) and follow our magical trail (lead by a guide). Educators will dress as different nursery rhyme characters and will give small tokens to each child.
  • 13th- Lantern Walk
    Join us to celebrate the kindness of Good Martin, who brought light into the darkness of the world through kind deeds. We enjoy a neighbourhood walk with our lanterns accompanied by special lantern songs, cookies, cider and the story of Good Martin's good deeds performed by a few of our preschool friends.



  • 16th- PA Day (both Boards)






 Infant Program

This month we welcomed 5 new infants into our program and we are so excited to get to know them and their families.

In October we will be exploring painting with nature. This will be done through collecting pinecones, pine needles and leaves during our walks to use during painting experiences. Our walks will also have the added incentive of watching the leaves change colour, either at Centennial Park or Boulevard.

As the weather is beginning to get colder, we kindly ask that everyone be prepared with jackets, mittens, hats and extra clothing to ensure that we can stay warm during times of nature exploration.

-Miss. Faith & Miss. Breanne

Toddler Program 

This past month, we have been focusing on outdoor play. The Fall weather has allowed us to enjoy time in our yard and also has led us to walks to Boulevard to explore the nature of the changing seasons. We have also been working on changing our playground and making it beautiful of the toddlers to enjoy and play in.

Inside we have been working on our self help skills. The toddlers have been learning how to take off and put on their own shoes and also learning how to put on sweaters and coats. Self help skills are also being fostered with the dressing boards available in the program that give the children an introduction to buttons, zippers and snaps.

As the weather gets colder we kindly ask that extra clothing that includes long sleeved shirts and pants be put into everyones baskets (to stay at the centre). As well we ask that everyone be prepared with warm hats and mittens for outdoor play.

We look forward to October and all the we have planned in our room.  


-Miss. Taneshia & Miss. Melissa S

Preschool Program


September in the preschool program has certainly brought some changes. We are so thrilled to have all of our friends back to their regular schedules and also we have welcomed a few new friends to our program as well. The children have been very interested in creating and through that the most noticeable play they engage in is dramatic play experiences.

More specifically those that demonstrate role modelling experiences they see in their day to day life. They often will be seen imitating things seen throughout their days in the childcare centre (such as telling stories using wooden props and fabrics, helping peers through transitions or even singing songs heard during circles, transitions or blessings). The children also have focused on demonstrating their interpretations on things that take place in their or others home lives as well. They cook food in many different areas of their day (making food with playdough, sand play, water play, felt food and sensory bottles) and they also have been focused on caring for individuals (they care for each other when they are hurt, they rock dolls and sing to dolls, they have pretended blocks are dolls and rocked them as well, and they imitate playing roles in a family and caring for each other based on the hierarchy- adults care for animals/ pets and children).

The children have also been focused on creating with materials found within the room. They have been very involved in building with many different blocks (even several kinds at one time). Their building however has become more life-like as their building is evolving to include tires and logs outside, and large blocks, tent frames and sheets inside.

We were thrilled to fall into autumn and end our summer with a bang by enjoying our Harvest Fair during the month of September. We also enjoyed songs like ‘Come Little Leaves’, ‘Oats, Peas, Beans’, ‘The Leaves are Green’, ‘The Leaves on the Trees’, ‘Summer Good-bye’ and ‘ Way Up High’. We also sang (to accompany the children’s evolving interest; ‘Miss Polly’). Our story during the month of September was ‘The Little Straw Broom’.

For October we look forward to celebrating Thanksgiving and Halloween. We will sing many more harvest songs and also some pumpkin songs. On October 25, we look forward to the Little Lions Two Bit Auction which is the biggest fundraiser for our programs. On October 30, we are looking forward to enjoying our Enchanted Garden celebration (our nursery rhyme evening we enjoy as our version of Halloween). For October, we will have two stories: ‘The Magical Porridge Pot’ and we will begin Lantern Walk preparations with ‘Good Martin’.

- Miss. Olivia & Ms. Nancy

Junior Kindergarten Program

This month the children have has many exciting moments happening. With everyone starting school, it has been the start of a new journey for the children. Throughout the month in our program the children have shown a lot of interest and focus on building and creating.. Everyday we have had art and creative projects that we've been working on including: making shapes with playdough, drawing and colouring pictures and incorporating storytelling play within these areas as well. The children also explored with marble painting, mixing colours and patterning with beads to create bracelets and necklaces. We've recently started making felt shapes and objects for our felth board as well.

The children continue to show an interest in building with blocks to make many things including a pirate ship, a house, cars, trucks and towers. 

As we continue into October we will start to make our Lantern Walk (November 13) and will start practicing our nursery rhymes for Enchanted Garden (October 30).

We look forward to the next month and the changing season that we have noticed around us. With that being said, and the change from warm sunny days to cool/cold days, we kindly remind everyone that we go outside in all weather so mittens, hats, rain gear and warmer clothing are beginning to be needed to keep us warm and protected from the elements.

-Miss. Sarah


Senior Kindergarten Program

-Miss Melissa N

School Age Program

Welcome Back! We hope everyone has had a fantastic summer and a good start to the new school year. This month, we met new friends and embraced the cooler weather with chalk art and soccer outside. Inside, we have been very artistic! Participating in watercolour painting, marble painting and maker challenges. Our friends have also enjoyed the use of the primary gym. We have gymnasts who practice on the mats and obstacle courses daily. We will be continuing our fall activities to decorate our room.

-Ms. Kim