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A Note From the Office:

The year is going by so fast and I am so looking forward to Spring! I just wanted to put forward a few dates to keep in mind for the upcoming weeks:

-May 1st we invite parents to join us to celebrate May Day at 3:30pm. We will dance and sing around the Maypole and share in a special May Day tea.

- May 4 is a Professional Activity Day (PA Day) for the public board.

-May 21 we are closed for Victoria Day

Little Lions welcomes any parent or family member who has something to offer the programs...baking, cultural activities, music, give me a call if there's anything you might like to share. I appreciate feedback from families. Please feel free to stop by the office or call me with any questions, suggestions or concerns. 



 Infant Program (Educators: Breanne and Monica)

Throughout the month of April, the infants have been showing interest in sensory activities. They have been drawing and painting during their time spent indoors.

Outside the children have been splashing in puddler and playing in the mud while spending time in the yard.

In the upcoming month of May, we will be spending more time outside! We will enjoy playing in the sandbox with all the different sand toys and going for walks (to Boulevard and arounf the neighbourhood). We also are getting some new friends are we are excited to welcome them into the Little Lions family.


Toddler Program (Educators: Taneshia and Melissa)

This month, the toddlers were very interested in music and movement! Throughout the month we sang many songs. We enjoyed songs through many movement and music circles and incorportated the musical instruments which the children loved! The children loved moving their bodies both during dance and through gross motor activities such as climbing and throwing balls.

The children also enjoyed exploring their language skills through circles, stories, music, dramatic and puppet play.

Muddy outdoor play also brought us much joy during April. We also enjoyed playing in the forest, walking to the lake and of course mud! This made for a messy month but we are now enjoying the nice warm weather.

Next month we will be expanding upon the children's growing interest of outdoor exploration by spending more time outside exploring in the forest and on walks.

Preschool Program (Educators: Olivia and Nancy)

In April the preschool children continued to explore constructing. The children explored this through many different creating being build with all different types of blocks and sometimes even a combination within their creation. The children have also had more of an interest of music and have enjoyed using musical instruments to help them create sounds. Many of our children have also been practicing their school readiness skills and have been improving their fine motor skills of cutting with scissors and also working on their grasps in regards to using crayons or coloured pencils. Kindergarten-bound children also have been working on their self-help skills, especially in regards to dressing and undressing for outdoor play. The children have all learnt how to put their clothing items on and now we are building on the skill and strength of learning to do zippers and snaps.

Our preschool rhythm is very important to us and there are times during our day that we all come together as a group. For the month of April this occurred during our morning story circle and our afternoon yoga circle. Story circle for this month included: May Day preparation songs ( We're Dancing, Now we go 'Round the May Pole High, Come My Friends and I Dance with the Flowers), Follow, Morning has Come, Rinka Rinka, Pitter Patter, Here's a Bunny. Our story of the month was 'The Easter Hare', a tale about a mother hare and a father hare who have three children but they are not sure which of them is the Easter Hare. The hares set of on a journey and the hare that delivers the Easter Eggs successfully is the true Easter Hare. We continued exploring the movement of our bodies with yoga. The children loved trying there hand at more challenging poses that increased the flexibility of many of them.

In April we celebrated Jake turning 3!

In May we look forward to celebrating May Day, making gifts for Mother's Day and also celebrate Mia and Wyatt turning 3! We look forward to seeing were the children's interests take them over the next month and explore their growing interest of music.

Kindergarten Program (Educator: Sarah)

This past month the Kindergarten program has been enjoying all the nice weather Mother Nature has brought us. We've been splashing in puddles, exploring through mud play and started a garden in our program room. The children helped fill the pots with soil and plant seeds for our variety of plants we are hoping to grow. Our plants include: beans, dill, and sunflowers. We check our plants everyday to make sure they have enough water and are excited to see some of the seeds starting to sprout already!

During our outside play, we saw the snow change to puddles. Some of the children created streams and water systems between all the puddles (they used different ways of digging and paths to see which ones worked best).

Inside our room the children have been forcusing on building with blocks to create ramps and airplanes to ride on. The love of airplanes also transfered over to their artistic time as they have been focusing on creating paper airplanes. We've been making them in different sizes and shapes to test which ones fly the best.

We look forward in May to our garden growing even more and the weather to get even nicer.


We are running low on spare pants and socks this month after all the fun times we've had in the puddles. If you have any items you wish to donate, we will gladly take them as we can never have too many. Also, please search your homes for any Little Lions clothing so they can make their way back to us!


School Age Program (Educators: Kim and Danielle)

April brought on some warmer weather (and some more snow). The children enjoyed the sunshine and the puddles. During puddle play, we had excavation teams working on rerouting the water to new locations, sailors braving the deep water with their boats, and monsters splashing the coastlines. We also enjoyed exploring our creativity using sidewalk chalk and fed our competitive nature in running races- boy our friends are fast!!

We also said 'Hello' and 'Goodbye' to two goldfish, Pyke and Charmander- Fox. The children enjoyed feeding and watching them swim around during their time with us. We discussed why they didn't live very long and agreed that we would try again soon.

We are all looking forward to having more afternoons spent outside and having lots of picnic snacks!

As always, we gratefully accept any donations of toys, extra clothing and art materials. If you are Spring cleaning and have anything of excess, our children would love to add them to our home here at Little Lions.