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A Note From the Office:

Hello and Happy New Year! I am so looking forward to spending 2018 with all of our children and their families. I just wanted to take some time to send out a few reminders for the coming months:

-Monday, February 19 is Family Day and the center will be closed. We hope you enjoy your day!

-Forms will be coming out soon in regard to attendance for the March 2 PD day and the March Break. Please remember to get these forms filled out and returned as soon as possible so that staffing can be arranged for these days. Just a reminder that should we not receive a form from you, we will assume that care is not needed. Also, if you do not require care for your school aged child and you have a younger child in the Infant, Toddler or Preschool Programs please let their educators know if they will not be attending.

-March 30th and April 2nd we will be closed for Good Friday and Easter Monday.

-Monday, April 23rd we will be closed for a Professional Development day for all staff.

-stay tuned for staff biographies both on this page and on the bulletin board outside the center!

Little Lions welcomes any parent or family member who has something to offer the programs...baking, cultural activities, music, give me a call if there's anything you might like to share. I appreciate feedback from families. Please feel free to stop by the office or call me with any questions, suggestions or concerns. 



 Infant Program (Educators: Breanne and Monica)

 In the Infant program we have enjoyed sledding and snow exploration throughout the month of January. We love hearing stories that make us giggle an laugh together. Building with both blocks and train tracks has been another favourite activity. Painting and drawing has helped to develop our fine motor skills, and we love sensory experiences like manipulating goop. Movement was also explored by the infants this month through gross motor activities (ex. rocking on the snail). In January we were also lucky to have Alanna, our Aboriginal Culture Facilitator, spend some time in our room and share some of her culture with us!


Toddler Program (Educators: Taneshia and Alexzandria)

Throughout January, the toddlers enjoyed many different activities. They showed interest mainly exploring their senses, they did this through water play, grain bucket play, playdough and many different sensory experiences.


Using their fine motor skills, the children painted, drew with crayons and collaged. Through these art experiences the children were able to express their creativity and improve  upon their visual learning and hand-eye coordination.  

Daily outdoor play experiences provided the children the opportunities to explore their gross motor skills, peer relations, knowledge of the changing weather and to take safe risks. While outside we enjoyed many activities such as sledding, walks throught the forest and obstacle courses in the yard.



In February we look forward to seeing where the interests of the children take them and explore their growing love of music.  



Preschool Program (Educators: Olivia and Nancy)

January in the Preschool Program was very busy and involved a lot of getting back into the swing of things after a relaxing two weeks of vacation. We saw the children's interests move from an interest in creating to an interest in movement.

For example: the children enjoy creating structures with the blocks but are now also interested in how the creation takes shape when you build on what already exists and what happens to the creations when the blocks come tumbling down! This became more complex as vehicles were incorporated and blocks were 'trucked' from one location to another and the children explored how high they could stack the blocks and still move them.



During outdoor play the children enjoyed movement with the shovelling and the sleds, whether they were taking turns pulling eachother around the yard or riding them down the hill beside the school.


Movement also helped bring our story of Baboushka to life as we all worked together to help tell, sing and move to the story.

In February we will celebrate Alex' third birthday, Candlemas, and 'Tell a Fairy Tale' day. Our February story will be 'The Littlest Matryoshka'. We look forward to seeing where the children's interest of movement takes us.

Kindergarten Program (Educator: Sarah)

This month the Kindergarten program has been enjoying our stories, building, art, and creative and imaginative play. We've also been learning words in Ojibwe and teachings about the medicine wheel and medicines from Miss Alanna, Miigwetch! The children have been very interested in building creations with our blocks. They've made houses, campfires, fire trucks, and police cars. They continue exploring with different building materials, adding in silks, tent frames and sheets to their creations. We've been enjoying our stories: Baboushka, the Three Little Pigs, and Dwarfs in the Forest. The children have been having fun with painting, drawing and sculptures. Finger puppets have also been a favourite for expressing their imaginations and recreating stories. We look forward to more animals being added to our finger puppet collection. Some of the upcoming events we are looking forward to: sledding on the big hill on the next PA day, hopefully we will have some good snow!

School Age Program (Educators: Faith and Kim)

From Miss Faith and School Age I:

To start off our New Year we have welcomed a new educator to our program. We are very happy to have Miss Kim with us and invite you to read her introduction below.

In the month of February we will be doing our sceince experiments with a focus on liquid matter. This will include making lava lamps, experiments with different types of liquids, creating rain clouds and making personal 'calming' bottles. We will also be working on more life skill activities such as measuring ingredients, cutting fruit, preparing snack, and doing our own dishes. Weather permitting we are hoping to go sliding down our hill, play hockey, and use spray bottles to create artwork in the snow.

From Miss Kim and School Age II:


Happy New Year everyone! Hi my name is Kim Zellweger. I am 28 years old and have recently become a first time mom (August 2017). I have worked at Little Lions as a School Age Child Care Practitioner for many years and am very excited to be at the Claude E Garton site. I have a degree in Music Performance and Education from Lakehead University and am currently working toward becoming a Registered Early Childhood Educator. I live with my husband Joee, our husky (Ranger) and our son Xander. In our spare time we love to play board games or go for walks outside. I love to do experiments, cross stitch, read and play music (saxophone/piano). Some things that I would like to learn are woodcarving and knitting.

January was full of new experiences in our group and I am looking forward to sharing many more with your children. We have a daily game of hockey in the lunch froom that has evolved from shooting a puck back and forth into a full "regulation" game complete with warm up time and music! Our dramatic play has been busy as another group of children have started with a simple game of 'house' and have now built an entire complex community that includes a farm and a school. The children act out scenes with our new dolls and the doll house, as well as becoming characters themselves. We have also particiapted in many other activities including baking, science experiments, painting, drawing, making bracelets, sledding and playing in our new grain bin.

In February we will be focusing on Density during our weekly science adventures. We will also explore the properties of solids and liquids during our science activities. Our friends LOVE to paint. We will be doing many different kinds of painting including watercolour, snow and acrylic. Our fine motor and precision skills will be used during our crafting days, especially when we make our surprise craft for the Feast of St Valentine! As always, I look forward to watching our friends' abilities and imaginations grow.