Welcome to Little Lions- Claude E. Garton School

Our Programs


Little Lions welcomes any parent or family member who has something to offer the programs...baking, cultural activities, music, give me a call if there's anything you might like to share. I appreciate feedback from families. Please feel free to stop by the office or call me with any questions, suggestions or concerns. 

A Note From the Office:


  • If you are on a flex schedule please be sure to hand your schedule for the following month in by the 15th of every month.
  • Two weeks notice is required for booking days off

On the Horizon...


13th- Lantern Walk

Join us to celebrate the kindness of Good Martin, who brought light into the darkness of the world through kind deeds. We enjoy a neighbourhood walk with our lanterns accompanied by special lantern songs, cookies, cider and the story of Good Martin's good deeds performed by a few of our preschool friends.

16th- PA Day (both Boards)


6th- St. Nicholas Day

This day is celebrated during the children's day at the centre. The children will hear a story about St. Nicholas. Following that, we will hear him ringing a bell outside and will find at our door basket of goodies (oranges and ginger cookies). St. Nicholas also leaves a letter which the teacher will read aloud explaining that he has brought them a switch with silver and gold ribbons represent the good deeds your child may have done, such as sharing with friends, helping some one or showing some other kindness. But, also one black ribbon to represent a time when the child might not have done the right thing.  When they go home at night, each child may do a good deed for someone and then they can remove the black ribbon.

11th- Christmas Dinner

Immediate families of the children are invited to join us all for a delicious Christmas Dinner! Don't forget to sign up in the programs!

December 24- January 4th- Closed for Christmas Break 

We would like to wish the Families and Staff of Little Lions Waldorf Child and Family Centre- Claude Garton location a Safe and Happy Holidays! We also extend our wishes to the Claude Garton School community.



 Infant Program

This month we welcomed 5 new infants into our program and we are so excited to get to know them and their families.

-Miss. Faith & Miss. Breanne

Toddler Program 

This month the children have enjoyed many stories and songs. Some ghosts and bats joined us during circle time during October in the spirit of Halloween. The books have also been very popular and 'The Gruffalo' certainly seems to be a front runner for the room favourite.

For November, we look forward to our many celebrations (including a birthday celebration) and seeing where the interests of the children continue to take us.

-Miss. Taneshia & Miss. Melissa S

Preschool Program


This month in the preschool room the children have continued to expand on their interest of creating. They spend time throughout their day creating in many different ways including with blocks to make walkways, garages for the trucks, cars (the children sat on the blocks while others pushed them to make them become cars). Also of course, towers/castles have seen seen in the skyline as well. The children have also been invested in creating home environments throughout their play. They care for the dolls through feeding them, rocking them and reading to them. They cook food such as pancakes with maple syrup, soups, cakes, muffins, cupcakes, gelato and pasta with spices. Their dramatic play expands to the children’s outdoor play as well, where logs have become babies, buckets become cakes and soups, and the bridge becomes cliffs or mountains they are jumping off of.

The story we enjoyed for the beginning of October is 'The Magical Porridge Pot'. Now, we have transitioned into 'Good Martin' and soon we will explore 'The Giant and the Gnome' and 'The Kind Ox'.

The month of October included a delicious Thanksgiving lunch, our Annual Action (we would like to thank all of the families and individuals who contributed in anyway) and our Enchanted Garden. Staff also took part in professional development with Kim John Payne, where we learnt about simplifying our environments and the importance of educator self-regulation/ co-regulation.

Throughout November we will see change. We welcome Miss Monica to the preschool program, and wish Miss Nancy luck in the infant program. We will also welcome some new friends to our room as well, and look forward to getting to know them and their families. November will also bring our celebration of our Lantern Walk where we honour the good deeds of Good Martin.

We look forward to seeing the creative juices continue to flow throughout our room and we will continue to observe and expand on the children’s play.

- Miss. Olivia & Miss. Nancy

Junior Kindergarten Program

-Miss. Sarah


Senior Kindergarten Program

-Miss Melissa N

School Age Program

The children continued to embrace fall through many activities including leaf rubbings, collecting leaves for dramatic play, creating mud sculptures and building pine needle bridges over puddles. The children also enjoyed playdough sculpting, collaging and observing density through the science activity of creating a density jar.

Gross motor was explored through the children practicing their balancing skills on the 'river stones' and jumping on the trampoline.

Outside soccer has beenn an ongoing interest, the sk program also joins us some times creating bigger teams and a more exciting experience!

-Ms. Kim