Resilient and compassionate children in a healthy, vibrant community where love and wonder are the basis of learning and living.



Little Lions Waldorf Child and Family Centre Directors and Staff are dedicated to the principles of “Waldorf” or Rudolf Steiner Education and child care. We seek to foster the realization of these principles through our daycare, nursery and other appropriate programs, as well as through community awareness and education.



Little Lions Waldorf Child and Family Centre will endeavour to provide for the children enrolled, an environment and programs in which the child will flourish and grow through the early stages of development. Little Lions seeks to provide a warm home-like atmosphere with tasks and domestic routines to follow. Programs will allow plenty of time for imaginative play with a nature-oriented environment as expressed and practiced in Waldorf education.



  1. To provide exceptional child care and other appropriate programs for children aged six months to twelve years, five days per week, year-round in a Waldorf setting.
  2. To provide encouragement and leadership for the expansion of Waldorf child care providers across North America
  3. To provide strong infrastructure which supports staff. programs and the other objectives.
  4. To obtain the support, funding and publicity needed to achieve the above goals and stated objectives.



The Board of Directors meets on the third Tuesday of every month at the Clarke Street location. If a parent wishes to address the Board, they must inform the Chief Executive Officer so that their presentation is added to the Agenda.

The Board works in close cooperation with the Staff and Parents in regards to practical matters concerning (but not limited to) the following:

  • Balancing of the budget and other financial concerns
  • Long range plans for growth of the centre
  • Education of staff and parents
  • Community awareness
  • Fund-raising
  • Daily operation including wages and expenditures
  • Tuition fees
  • Capital expenditure
  • Adherence to Waldorf Principles




The names and telephone numbers of all board members can be found in each daycare on the bulletin board near the entrance.

Current Board of Directors Members 2024

Sandra Stewart

Cyndi Sereda

Michael Westermann



Are you interested in joining our Board of Directors? Email for more information.


The Board may create committees or sub-committees as the need arises. An example of a past committee would be the Silent Auction Committee. Parents may be requested to help with committee activities.



This committee meets monthly or as needed in order to handle the smaller day to day issues that arise from time to time. These can be easily dealt with and prevent the board meeting agenda from becoming too large. A larger issue may be discussed at the PPP with recommendations brought to the board for review.