McKenzie Little Lions - October 2018

                       “Where is the book in which the teacher can read about

                            What teaching is?  The children themselves are this book. 

                          We should not learn to teach out of any book other than the

            One lying open before us

    and consisting of the children themselves.”

                                                                    Rudolf Steiner

October is a busy month, make sure to check out the goings on we have this month, listed below.

Flex Schedules are needed for October, please email them or hand them in ASAP

Monday October 8th, Thanksgiving, the Daycare is closed.

Thursday October 25th, Annual Two-Bit auction at Current River Rec Centre, tickets $5 each, super fun evening, donations required, see our list of needed items.

Friday October 26th, the daycare will only be open before and after school, closed during the day for annual training of staff

Tuesday October 30th, Enchanted Garden at St Paul school. Sign up list is posted, the early times fill up quickly, so be sure to put your name on the list.

Wednesday October 31st, Halloween, our afternoon snack at 3:30, will be a meal for the children (Sheppard’s pie) so as to feed the children well before a night of trick or treating.

Please remember about school closures, if the school is closed, the daycare is closed.  The radio stations will announce school closures and they are also posted on the Lakehead board transportation website, by 7:00am.  So please be sure to listen in on days the weather may be hazardous.

Something to consider when sending your child to daycare after being unwell; “The 48 hour rule.” For the sake of other children and their educators, please keep your child at home after episodes of vomiting, diarrhea, or even a fever!!  Thank you so much

A reminder to parents that if you have a child away from school, please call the daycare and let us know as well 683-5624. This is important for the safety of the children as well as for staffing purposes.
As fall approaches, please be sure to include extra layers for your children for outdoor play, a hat and little gloves possibly.  An extra outfit is always handy to have in their cubby in case of messy play or eating.

Toddler and Preschool families, Please, Please, if you have an updated family picture, we would love to have a copy to display in our room.  The children love showing off their families.


Preschoolers are working on being patient at the table when waiting to be served their food, getting their shoes off and on, and dressing of themselves, when using the washroom or getting ready to go outside. It would be great to practice these things at home. A few phrases to help out; “We need to be patient, it will be your turn soon”  “Do you need help?”  “Put your foot in your shoe and I will do it up” “I will start your zipper and you can finish” Have the children try to do what they can, end of the day is probably best, not in the morning when time is tight and you are trying to go to work.

Happy Birthday to; Aodhan on October 7th        Aubrey & Declan on October 10th

                                   Gabby on October 21st         Trinity on October 25th

                                  Hollie on October 27th         Lucas on October 30th      

                                  Hadley on October 29th                       

Miss Gail, Miss Sharon, Miss Renee, Miss Taylor