McKenzie Little Lions - February 2020

”The need for imagination, a sense of truth and

A feeling of responsibility – these are the three forces

Which are the very nerve of education.”  Rudolf Steiner


February 2nd Ground Hog Day/Candlemas – marks exactly 40 days after Christmas and is more commonly known as Ground Hog Day. “If Candlemas day is clear and bright, winter will have another bite.”  If animals emerge from hibernation and find sunshine, they will not venture out for at least another 40 days.

Monday, February 17th is Family Day, there is no school, and the Daycare will be closed for Family Day.  Hope everyone can enjoy some time together.

Please remember about snow days. We are remaining open if the weather isn’t hazardous. The radio stations will announce school closures and they are also posted on the Lakehead board transportation website, by 7:00am.  So please be sure to listen in on days the weather may be hazardous.  The school and daycare will be open on extreme cold weather days when buses are not running.

A reminder to parents that if you have a child away from school, please call the daycare and let us know as well 683-5624. This is important for the safety of the children as well as for staffing purposes.

Something to consider when sending your child to daycare after being unwell; “The 48 hour rule.” For the sake of other children and their educators, please keep your child at home after episodes of vomiting, diarrhea, or even a fever.       Thank you

Extra clothes for your child would be much appreciated. If they do not have any in their locker cubby, please consider at least one shirt, (if not two), a pair of pants, socks and underwear if possible. At times they may spill food or drinks, or while washing their hands or dishes they may soak sleeves, or crafts may result in messy clothes. Thanks so much.

Preschool Children are working hard on getting themselves dressed and undressed for outside play. Please allow your child time and encourage them to try to put on their own clothing, snowpants, boots, jacket etc. The more practice the better. Children starting school in September will be required to dress themselves.

Warm clothes. Please send school age children with hats and mitts and warm clothing. We spend the end of the day outside, and many children are arriving without hats and mitts to wear.

School Age program would like donations of paper towels rolls, if anyone has any it would be greatly appreciated.

Happy Birthday to;  Silas on February 1st

                                     Emily on February 3rd

                                     Harvey & Natalee K on February 6th     

                                     Hendrix on February 12th

                                     Miila on February 23rd


Miss Gail, Miss Sharon, Miss Renee, Miss Taylor, Miss Breanna, and Miss Larissa



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