McKenzie – March 2019
 ”The need for imagination, a sense of truth and

A feeling of responsibility – these are the three forces

Which are the very nerve of education.”  Rudolf Steiner

March break is fast approaching, any schedules not yet submitted need to be handed in or emailed ASAP please.

Friday, March 1st is a PA Day there is no school, but the Daycare is open.

March Break, we are open. March 11th – 15th.

Flex Schedules are needed for the March, please email them or hand them in ASAP

The daycare will only be open before and after school on Monday, April 29th for Staff Personal Development Training.  Pre-School and Toddler programs (full day) will be closed. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Something to consider when sending your child to daycare after being unwell; “The 48 hour rule.”  For the sake of other children and their educators, please keep your child at home after episodes of vomiting, diarrhea, or even a fever.       Thank you
A reminder to parents that if you have a child away from school, please call the daycare and let us know as well 683-5624. This is important for the safety of the children as well as for staffing purposes.


 McKenzie Public School will be 'piloting' staying open on days when the school buses are cancelled.  There is still a possiblity the school can be closed if weather is very hazardous.  The radio stations will announce what schools will be closed, and it will also be posted on the Lakehead board transportation website, by 7:00am.  So please be sure to listen on days the weather may be hazardous.

Happy Birthday to;  Nathan March 30th

                                     Everett March 30th  

           Miss Gail, Miss Sharon, Miss Renee, Miss Taylor, Miss Hannah