Christmas At Little Lions-2018

Tis the week before Christmas and everyone here

Is getting excited cause Christmas is near.

This morning the children from biggest to small

Were all helping to clean up right out the hall.

(Except for the infants asleep in their room,

They’re still far too little to handle a broom.)

First Junior and Harvey so big and so strong,

Started cheerfully singing, the clean-up song.

Then Eli and Coen, so lively and quick,

Put blankets away, they know the trick.

They shook and they folded till all were away,

Then they helped others who were starting to play.

“Remember, my friends,” said Miss Taylor with a smile,

“We all have to help, just for a short while.”

Quinn and Myer were dressed in costumes so fine,

They took them right off without even a whine.

No complaints now as they each did a task.

Mika and Nash did not have to ask.

Gabby, Trinity and Ainsley gave each dolly a kiss…

And tucked them all in, not one did they miss.

Lucas and Everett J tackled the blocks,

Each set went into its own special box.

Eli and Briggs, decided to pick up the tracks,

Felix, Everett and Teague decided to check out the snacks.

“No food just yet,” said Miss Sharon the cook,

“You’ll find lots of toys to pick up if you look.”

Then little Mikka, Kingston and James,

Cleaned off the table, with good help from Hannah.

 Hadley & Rachel were laughing and running around

Till Miss Gail gave them some toys that she found.

“Right there on the shelf, that’s where they go.”

Nolah and Emily put more on the shelf.

Josephine & Hollie found some under the rocking chair

Finlee watched smiling from the little comfy chair.

Lily, Blakely and Lily H, with their little hands

Put together the clothes pins with large rubber bands.

Alexis & Wesley wanted to help with the cooking

So, they went to the kitchen when no one was looking.

Miss Renee said, “We must all help getting ready

Can you carry these dishes?  Your hands are so steady.”

Elli put away the fluffy white rabbit.

“Thank you,” said Miss Renee, “What a good habit.”

Natalie took Breanna to help with the silks

Nathan and Aodhan helped Silas clean up some spilled milk

Leila, Kaija, Aubrey and Declan were there as well,

They swept up the scraps of the snack time that fell...

As soon as we thought all the work had been done

Madelyn said, “Now it’s time to have fun.

Soon Moms and Dads will walk in that door

And then think of all the good fun that’s in store!”

The salad is made and the turkeys are sliced,

The veggies are steamed and the juice is on ice.

Now all that’s left is to sing our nice song,

Then we’ll walk to the table.  It won’t take too long,

But before we pile the food on our dish,

We will make everyone, the same Christmas wish.

Peace and Happiness to all our friends here...

Happy Holidays and see you next year!

Miss Gail, Miss Sharon, Miss Renee, Miss Taylor and Miss Hannah

McKenzie Little Lions – December 2018 and January 2019

“Receive the children in reverence;

educate them in love; let them go forth in freedom”

Rudolf Steiner

The Daycare is closed December 22nd until January 6th We will reopen January 7th 2019. Happy Holidays!

All Schedules are needed for December and January, please email them or hand them in ASAP, if you have not already.

Thursday December 6th, St Nicholas Day.

Friday December 21st, last day of daycare in 2018, wear your pyjamas.

Monday January 7th 2019, Daycare is open.

Friday January 25th PA Day, daycare is open.

Please remember about school closures, if the school is closed, the daycare is closed.  The radio stations will announce school closures and they are also posted on the Lakehead board transportation website, by 7:00am.  So please be sure to listen in on days the weather may be hazardous.

A reminder to parents that if you have a child away from school, please call the daycare and let us know as well 683-5624. This is important for the safety of the children as well as for staffing purposes.
Something to consider when sending your child to daycare after being unwell; “The 48 hour rule.”  Please keep your child at home after episodes of vomiting, diarrhea, or even a fever!!          

Thank you
Children coming to daycare, should not bring toys or food from home. There is a chance toys could get broken, as other children want to play with them, or they could very easily be lost.  We also have many allergies at the daycare, and we provide great safe food for everyone.

Happy Birthday to;   Leila on December 20th       

                                     Ainsley on December 27th                                                                   Rachel on December 31st  

                                     Coen & Eli on January 14th                                                                 Lilly on January 26th

 Have a wonderful Holiday filled with love and best wishes.

Miss Gail, Miss Sharon, Miss Renee, Miss Taylor and Miss Hannah