Welcome to Little Lions- Agnew Site!

We would like to wish everyone a happy Autumn Season! We would also like to extend a welcome to all of our new children, educators and our new supervisor. With a new school year often brings a season of change, we could like to thank our families for their patience and understanding as we all work to strengthen our environment.


Our new team are Emily, Nikki, Shae and you will also occasionally see Zi Wei around as well. Soon we will share more about our team with a newsletter that will be distributed within the next few weeks.


Some reminders:

  • We ask that children have a set of indoor shoes that have the sole purpose of being for after school care. Children require indoor footwear to protect their feet and a separate pair from school is ideal so that they don't get forgotten or misplaced.
  • We also request that children be prepared for all types of weather to go outside. Time (even condensed amounts) is spent outside daily unless weather is extreme. That being said children will need appropriate outdoor clothing and extra clothing incase of adventures making children a little too messy.


Upcoming Events:

  • Closure October for Thanksgiving- October 8
  • Our Annual Two Bit Auction- October 25 (donations welcomed and tickets to attend are available at our office for $5, see your child(ren)'s educators for tickets