Welcome to Little Lions - Kingsway School Site

315 Empire Ave. Thunder Bay, ON. P7E 4R9
Phone: 807-622-5833
Email: kingsway@littlelionswaldorf.ca


 Located in the depths of Westfort we share our home with Kingsway Park Public School located at 315 Empire Ave.

We offer a variety of programs from 6 months - 12 years of age.


Take a look inside ......

Infant 6 months to 18 months

"If we give children enough space and possibilities for free movement, they will move as beautifully and gracefully as animals: nimbly, simply, confidently and naturally" - Dr. Emmi Pikler

Our infant space is bright and spacious, children have the opportunity to explore freely a variety of materials that stimulate the senses.

Infant Program Play Area


Toddler 18 months - 30 months

In here you will find 10 busy toddlers engaged in a variety of experiences. There are items to promote gross motor, dramatic arts and creativity. Our days are often filled with climbing, dumping and filling toys or water, dressing up with metal bowl hats and scarves and painting with a variety of different paints.


Toddler Room


Preschool 30 months - 4 years

"Educating should address the whole child: head, heart and hands." - Rudolf Steiner

Children are given oppurtunites to explore and express creativity in a warm, nurturing environment. They participate in daily work such as setting the table, laundry, cleaning, dishes,  and outdoor yard work including watering plants.  Baking, water colour painting and building also take place throughout the day. Through these types of activites we are able to educate them as a whole. 


Preschool Kitchen Area




Here at Kingsway we also provide Before and Afterschool programming for Kindergarten and School Age children




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