Little Lions makes every effort to hire RECE staff for all our programs.  Staff with other qualifications are sometimes hired but in-service training in a requirement to ensure that non-qualified staff meet our requirements.

Staff members receive in-service training by their site supervisor, the CEO, Human Resources, Resource Teachers, local presenters and, on occasion, by visiting Waldorf presenters.

We take advantage of opportunities for staff development through workshops led by organizations such as Communities Together for Children and the Children’s Centre. The centre is committed to staff development and education.

Little Lions is committed to a family friendly work environment for our staff. We have found that staff members who are well-rested and healthy are more patient and work with more consciousness with the children. For this reason, they have a four-day work week. This means that there will be a supply person in the program twice a week to cover the days off for the two educators. We endeavour to use the same supply person so that the children are familiar with this person. That supply person will be called in if an educator falls ill. The children gradually become accustomed to the supply staff and the supply learns the routine of the room so there is less disruption to the program.

See the section "Training Centre" to see how we support our staff in their professional development.

Little Lions is an equal opportunity employer and encourages applications from women, indigenous persons, members of visible minority groups and persons with disabilities. Reasonable accommodations are available on request for candidates taking part in all aspects of the application or interview process.