Welcome to Little Lions - JSL Site

Little Lions JSL site and Dilico have interwoven our services to be able to support the families living in the June Steve Lendrum Apartment Building.   Together we aim at helping our families connect with and contribute to their world by building positive relationships with others, showing respect for diversity and showing respect for ourselves, our families and our environment. It is our joy to provide a licensed childcare program for the children while their mothers are attending programming, schooling, counselling and any other activities that are provided for them within the community or right here at JSL.  Here at JSL we have a family group style of program.  We can have infants as young as a few months to children of preschool age all playing, learning and growing together. 




Our Play Kitchen is a favourite spot for many of our little ones right now.  It's a wonderful area to develop and model many skills.  Fostering fine motor development as the children pretend to stir their "soup" on the stove.  Communication and language skills as their hear new words such as "whisk, boiling, temperature" and increases opportunity to work alongside a peer; fostering problem solving, collaboration and turn taking skills.



 Another social interest for our children is the tool box and worker helmet.  For quite a few months the children were able to watch the construction workers and builders working on the building across the street from our courtyard.  Now the children, through dramatic play and gross motor development, can model and "play" construction worker!  They love to wear the helmet and gloves.  The helmet is quite heavy and takes balance and coordination to wear and also allows for some sensory stimulation as it blocks almost 90% of the noise in the room while you wear it.