Waldorf Early Childhood Program

Little Lions offers many educational opportunities for the staff, including a 450 hour (2 year) program that supports the educators 

to develop their ability to nurture and care for children according to the Waldorf philosophy. This early childhood training has been invaluable in assisting the students in their own self-reflective spiritual journey and the deepening of their understanding of child development and the practical elements of their daily work.  This education program, designed primarily for Little Lions staff, offers both personal and professional development and includes:

  • Anthroposophical Studies and Human Development
  • Child Development and Waldorf Education
  • Practical and Artistic Activities
  • Professional and Social Aspects of Waldorf Education
  • Artistic and Handwork Activities for the Educator
  • Mentored Teaching and Practicums
  • Project presentations and a Research Project
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How to Apply

Application forms must be completed and submitted to the Program Director who then makes a decision to accept the applicant based on discussions with the Site Supervisor, CEO and Financial Officer.  Acceptance is not just based on personal merit but also on the ability of Little Lions to support the student financially and provide coverage in the child care program.

Application Form


On a case by case basis, applicants may be accepted from outside the organization.  Please call the Program Director, Marilyn Grudniski (807-632-2735) to discuss this possibility