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The preschool children have been very interested in sink and float exploration. It started when the snow was melting and there were little streams running through the play yard. The children would put little sticks and rocks in the water and see what would happen.  Danielle used this interest to do a few different activities. One activity was using natural materials that they found outside and they could drop into a bucket of water she brought out. All the children guessed if it was going to sink or float and some items surprized them.



Inside Danielle mixed oil and water in a jar, then the children picked item and predicted what they thought would happen and then took turns putting items in the jar. They found it funny how some items floated on the water and sank when you shook the jar.



The preschool children have been working hard on our vegetable garden this year. We added new soil to the garden that the children helped rake and shovel. Some children said the soil smelt funny. Other children found worms in the dirt and were very careful to work around them so they didn’t hurt them. We planted some seeds inside to watch grow and then transferred them to the garden outside. We planted corn, carrots, rhubarb, dill, lettuce, beans, and peas. The children are taking turns to water the garden every day and are very excited to see them grow!





We have been saving apple sauce jars to make sensory bottles with. Each child got to make their own sensory jar and add sparkles, colouring, soap, and other materials.



 We also have a new friend at Kakabeka that has been visiting us every day.  This little tree frog has been using our toy box as a home and visits with us for a few minutes every morning before hopping away for the day!



Afterschool Program has been enjoying this spring with picnics and special guests. Melissa brought her baby chickens in for the children. Alanna told the afterschool program (and the chickens) stories and then joined them for a picnic.