Welcome to Little Lions- Hyde  Park Site!


Let's take a look into July! So many wonderful things have been happening at the centre!


Our Kindergarten group has been raising tadpoles! They started with over 150 tadpoles and have watched them grow and develop into polywags. Just recently a dozen have grown legs and lost their tales. We learned that they are toads not frogs. 


Preschool has been busy in our mud pit! 


Friday July 21st we were invited to experience Karnival on Kam. The children had a fantastic tme exploring the grounds of the Old Fort. We met baby goats. piglets and chickens. We spent sometime in the teepee and learning about the fur trade. The big top circus was a hit and so were many of the other performers and demonstrations we got to see. Thank you again to the Staff at Old Fort William for making this day possible!






June was a busy month! With Weed Out Hate Day, Tapiola Family BBQ, Aboriginal Day and our Fairy Festival!

June 8th was proclaimed WEED OUT HATE DAY! Lindsey and Sam took a small group of preschoolers to City Hall to celebrate weeding out hate and growing seeds of peace and love. We started our field trip  by riding the city bus! Once at City Hall we explored the fountains , listened to a story and took part in planting  a sunflower! Some of our friends were STARS appearing in the local paper and on television!





We had a great turn out at our Family BBQ. Thank you everyone for coming out to join us. We planted our garden and are looking forward to delicious vegetables this year. You may have noticed the rabbit house, Peas and Carrots will be joining us out there this summer!


June 21st was not only our longest day of play but it was also Aboriginal Day. Hyde Park and Kingsway School celebrated by having a pow wow in the field. Our  Infants, Toddlers and Preschoolers enjoyed listening to the drumming and watching the dancers! They were so excited to see Dylan dressed in regalia! Great job Dylan on your dancing!











The Gnomes the Faeries left for us in the park!



Welcome to our Home

Children who live in an atmoshpere of love and warmth and who have around then truly good examples to imitate, are living in their proper element. - Rudolf Steiner

Our Infant Room

Here you will find infants between the ages of 6 months to 18 months.

A bright open play room, small high chairs for meal times, and a quiet ajoined nap room are just some of the highlights of this space.



Our Toddler Space

Our Toddler space is suited for 10 children between the ages of 18 months to 30 months.

With shelves housing toys and an assortment of gross motor opportunities children have a variety of experiences to engage them.





Our Preschool Room


Home to 16 children between the ages of 30 months just until school ready.

Our preschool program provides a variety of areas for children to engage in.

A quiet corner for reading, a large carpet area for construction and a dramatic play space are just a few of the children's faveourites.