This day is celebrated within the daycare so no parent involvement is required at the daycare.  At the centre, the children will hear a story about St. Nicholas and the good deed he did as a child by giving new shoes and food to poor children. 

Following that, we will hear him ringing a bell outside and will find at our door basket of goodies (oranges and ginger cookies). 

St. Nicholas also leaves a letter which the teacher will read aloud.  Then each child will receive a switch which has many ribbons tied on it.  The silver and gold ribbons represent the good deeds your child may have done, such as sharing with friends, helping some one or showing some other kindness.  On each switch is one black ribbon to represent a time when the child might not have done the right thing.  When they go home at night, each child may do a good deed for someone and then they can remove the black ribbon.  You can build on your child’s experience in the daycare by helping them to understand what a good deed is and encourage them to follow through.