Two Bit Auction (October 2017)

two-bit-auction--2-lindsay-and-marilynLittle Lions has just completed another successful year at our Annual Two Bit Auction.   Our staff members enjoyed seeing guests bid their hearts out and reap the benefits. We would like to thank everyone that came out to participate and support Little Lions Waldorf Daycare & Kindergarten! A special thanks goes to our current CEO Marilyn Grudniski, for all her hard work and dedication over the years. 

"Watch for Bikes!" Campaign (August 25, 2016)

"The Canadian Automobile Association’s (CAA) “Watch for Bikes!“ program is being launched in Thunder Bay with the help of a new partnership between the City of Thunder Bay, Little Lions Waldorf Daycare, and CAA North and East Ontario. "

CAA's “Watch for Bikes” program reminds motorists to always look carefully for cyclists approaching from behind, especially in bike lanes and around schools. To help raise awareness and remind motorists to stay alert, the “Watch for Bikes” decals which are placed on the side mirror of your vehicle and work as a reminder to check your mirror and blind spots for cyclists and oncoming traffic."

Little Lions Daycare Executive Director Marilyn Grudniski was instrumental in bringing the program to Thunder Bay:
“When bike lanes were first introduced in Thunder Bay, it really heightened my awareness of cyclists and with that came the feeling of responsibility that it was on me as a driver to make sure I respected the rights of cyclists,” said Grudniski. “I heard about these decals and thought this would be a great idea for Thunder Bay. Because Little Lions works primarily with young children, we want to do our part to keep children safe when they take to the roads as young cyclists.”
Watch for Bikes CollageThe ”Watch for Bikes” decals will be available at the CAA store on Memorial Avenue, at EcoSuperior’s office on Red River Road, and at all 12 Little Lions Daycare locations across Thunder Bay. 

For more information on the program see the News Release located here
News coverage on the program can be found here and here.
Photo Credit: Adam Krupper.

Weed Out Hate (June 7th, 2016)

June 7th marked our city's annual 'Weed Out Hate Day'. Mayor Keith Hobbs along with children from Little Lions Waldorf Daycare & Kindergarten of McKellar Hyde Schools gathered at Thunder Bay City Hall to plant sunflowers as a commitment to peace in Thunder Bay.  The pulling of weeds and planting of sunflowers isa metaphor for weeding out hate, bias, prejudice and racism in our community.  The grown sunflowers will be a constant reminder to weed out hate, eliminate bullying, plant love and peace, and promote inclusion.

“Little Lions, following the Waldorf philosophy, educates children to become citizens dedicated to a peaceful society,” said Marilyn Grudniski, Executive Director – Little Lions Waldorf Daycare & Kindergarten. “We encourage this in all aspects of our daily work and believe that by starting when children are very young, we will eventually achieve it. We lead by example and therefore it is important that this vision is brought to the wider community through public initiatives such as Weed Out Hate Day.”

Please follow the link to view the Weed Out Hate Video!